Autoinflammatory Diseases

Systemic autoinflammatory diseases (SAID) are a group of more than 50 known rare conditions that are characterized by persistent or recurrent inflammatory attacks of fever, rash, body pain/arthritis, and organ inflammation. These diseases can have devastating long term health effects if not treated with appropriate therapy.

Systemic autoinflammatory diseases are caused by abnormalities in the innate immune system. While some pathogenic gene variants have been identified, 50-60% of SAID cases do not have a known cause. 

In 2016, Dr Brown co-led the development and launch of a registry to collect clinical and research data on children and adolescents in BC with periodic fever syndromes and other SAID autoinflammatory diseases.

Our research aims to (i) classify patients based on similarly dysregulated inflammatory pathways, thus, forming homogeneous cohorts for research studies and clinical drug trials, and (ii) uncover markers of disease processes that can alert patients and caregivers of an ensuing inflammatory attack.

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Autoinflammatory Diseases

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