Chronic Primary Vasculitis

Chronic primary vasculitis is a rare, but serious, disease that causes inflammation and destruction of blood vessels in major organs in the body. In children, vasculitis frequently attacks the kidneys and it can be organ- and life-threatening.

Since 2012, Dr. Brown has been the co-lead of the Pediatric Vasculitis (PedVas) Initiative, an international study on pediatric chronic systemic vasculitis that has collaborators in more than 40 centres worldwide.

PedVas has resulted in the establishment of the single largest pediatric vasculitis data and sample repository. With this one-of-a-kind resource, Dr Brown and her colleagues have established a program of basic, clinical and translational research to improve current phenotypic classification criteria and clinical scoring tools to assess disease activity and damage. 

Our research has contributed some of the first pediatric-specific evidence on the biology of the disease and the utility of biomarkers for improved disease severity assessment and prediction of overall and organ-specific health outcomes.

Chronic Primary Vasculitis

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