Kiran Toor, BSc

UBC Graduate (MSc) Student
Women+ and Children’s Health Sciences

Kiran completed a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. In January 2023, she began her graduate studies at the University of British Columbia in the Women+ and Children’s Health Sciences (WACH) program with co-supervision from Dr. Kimberly Morishita (Rheumatology) and Dr Brown. Her research is focused on evaluating renal and pulmonary disease course, outcomes and predictors of outcomes in pediatric-onset ANCA-associated vasculitis, a rare disease, that causes inflammation and damage to small- and medium sized blood vessels. For this work, Kiran was awarded the Centre for Blood Research Graduate Award, CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship (Master’s; CGS-M), BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute Sue Carruthers Master’s Studentship, and a WACH Child Health Award Supporting diversity. She enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring all that beautiful BC has to offer.